Tick Control

Residential Lawn Pros is trained in the unique biology of ticks and their habits. The key to solving your tick problems begins with a discussion about your needs, including the unique landscape of your yard and the area surrounding your home. Our services include monthly spray treatments for tick zones, including under decks, along fences, wooded areas, especially in pine straw beds, and lawns. There are several reasons why our customers opt for seasonal tick treatments, but few are as concerning as the threat of Lyme disease. Lyme disease is caused by the bite of an infected tick, after bacteria is passed from a blacklegged (deer) tick to its host. The disease will infect many people and has been shown to have lifetime effects on its victims. Children are among the group most at risk for Lyme disease, mostly because they play outdoors and on lawns where ticks are present.  Residential Lawn Pros tick service radically reduces the population of ticks in your yard and landscape, protecting your guests, children and pets.